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Bulk Construction

Bulk Construction Pty Ltd was founded in April 2014 and has operated as a company specialising in civil infrastructure works/ skilled labour and plant hire.

Over the years, Bulk Construction has carried out high-quality work on projects across all tiers of the civil industry. Projects of varying sizes from small & large subdivisions, under and above ground utility infrastructure to multibillion-dollar government endorsed road/ bridge and port constructions.

The company personnel consist of a great team of committed, easy to deal with and loyal employees. Project Managers, Foreman, Tradesmen, Concreters, Machine Operators, Skilled Labourers, and Traffic Controllers.

Bulk construction prides itself on continuously improving and its solid reputation within the industry.

With the current expansion in transport projects throughout the industry, the company aims to be the dependable choice for existing and potential clients.

Bulk has developed and adopted a wide range of policies and procedures with the aim of instilling and maintaining a greater emphasis on WHS, Environmental, Quality control, and overall goal to providing increased safety, efficiency, productivity, quality and value.

As part of our legal and moral obligations to employees, contractors, clients and visitors, we have put in place management systems, policies and procedures throughout business operations.

Bulk Construction has developed to become a company that specialises in supplying an elite standard of personnel and equipment. We supply our clients with highly experienced foreman, skilled labourers /Plant operators, precise Form workers an top quality finish concreters.

The experience we have built on our previous and current projects would be very well suited to all requirements for successful completion of any relevant project.

Our current workforce represents a cohesive and well-integrated team whose experience and whose time spent working together over the years will provide for a successful completion of any works.

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